Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Charge Money to Consult an Advisor at WWES?

Worldwide Education Services offers free advisory services to the students. No additional cost is charged out of the students for booking a counseling appointment with WWES. Students are not required to pay any agent fee to the WWES for studying overseas. There might be some smaller fees like the document verification fees or the courier fees. For more information, phone or speak to WWES Education counselor or complete our enquiry form.

What is WWES?

WWES (Worldwide Education Service) is a world renowned leader in helping the students to study overseas. WWES helps the students obtain entry into high-quality education institutions in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Over several years, WWES has helped over thousands of students towards realizing their education goals internationally. Our highly qualified and experienced educational counselors are trained properly to support & offer professional guidance to the aspiring students.

Does WWES have Special Contacts with Specific International Institutions?

Yes, WWES has an arrangement for international studies with several leading universities and educational institutions across the globe. As a renowned world leader in offering international education student services, the universities that we partner with are of ultimate high standards.

What Should I Regard While Deciding What & Where to Study Abroad?

While considering about what & where to study abroad, a WWES counselor will perform a match of your academic interests along with specific career goals in addition to the course information from hundreds of universities around the world. It is highly important about deciding the convenience of the selected study location by you, the ranking of the chosen university, the time you are willing to stay away from your home as well as the total expense of studying & living abroad. The social, economic, and political stability of the given country are also the deciding factors that you must consider while studying abroad. In case you like to explore the particular country by staying in there even after the completion of your studies, then you must be aware of the particular migration policies of that place. You should also be aware of the fact that the government policies are bound to change any time. Our counselor will to guide you over the selection of the courses, locations, and universities that best satisfy your preferences & interests.

What Type of Financial Support is Available for Overseas Education?

There are several scholarships & bursaries available in a limited number for the international students. The financial support amount might vary through the level of university and educational course. Scholarships tend to be competitive and therefore, you are required to reflect exceptional academic excellence and achievements. The governments and other helpful organizations also offer several scholarships & special awards towards helping the international students in studying overseas. Our WWES expert will provide details about various lucrative scholarship schemes to the aspiring students.

What Opportunities are Available for Working & Studying Consecutively Abroad?

The opportunity to the students towards working part-time along with their studies would vary from one country to another. Several universities tend to have a dedicated & special job centre present on-campus for the international students that provide job opportunities for helping the students develop some skills. The careers service of different universities also serves as a useful information source. If you wish to pursue a degree-level course or above, then you might be permitted to work as you study when you are on the international student visa.

When Should I Start the Application Process for the Overseas Education?

It is advised that you should begin the application process one year at least in advance for giving enough time for the applications & admission procedures to be processed and also for preparing you for the time overseas.

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