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GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. It is a standardized aptitude exam that comes with a pre-defined syllabus. This entrance exam is needed to get admission into some of the graduate and business programs into leading universities of the world. This standardized test is specifically used for getting enrolled into MBA, specialized master’s in business and other doctoral programs. WWES – GRE classes in Ahmedabad assists the candidates who wish to appear for GRE for getting admission into esteemed universities abroad by giving guided coaching and counseling sessions.

GRE is divided into separate sections. There is the GRE General Test that is used to analyze the parameters like verbal reasoning, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills. These are the essential types of skills that are needed for an individual to succeed in the demanding graduate and business schools of the current times. The other section of the GRE standardized test is the GRE Subjects Tests that is used for measuring the knowledge of a particular field of study or subject. This helps the students stand out from the rest by emphasizing their skills and knowledge in a particular area.

Preparation and dedication are the keys to success in GRE standardized test. With added help from the Worldwide Education Services, you can excel in your GRE exam by investing some time and efforts.

GRE General Test Structure

The overall testing time for the GRE General Test is about three hours and 45 minutes. There are six sections with a 10-minute break following the third section.

Measure Number of Questions Allotted Time
Analytical Writing
(One section with two separately timed tasks)
One “Analyze an Issue” task and one “Analyze an Argument” task 30 minutes per task
Verbal Reasoning
(Two sections)
20 questions per section 30 minutes per section
Quantitative Reasoning
(Two sections)
20 questions per section 35 minutes per section
Unscored¹ Varies Varies
Research² Varies Varies

1 An unidentified unscored section that does not count toward your score may be included and may appear in any order after the Analytical Writing section. Questions in the unscored section are being tried out either for possible use in future tests or to ensure that scores on new editions of the test are comparable to scores from earlier editions.

2 An identified research section that does not count toward your score may be included in place of the unscored section. The research section will always appear at the end of the test. Questions in this section are included for ETS research purposes.

The Analytical Writing section will always be first. The Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and unidentified/unscored sections may appear in any order; therefore, you should treat each section as if it counts toward your score.

Section-level Adaptation

The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections are section-level adaptive. The first operational section of each measure (i.e., Verbal and Quantitative) is of average difficulty. The difficulty level of the second section of each of the measures depends on your overall performance on the first section of that measure. For example, if for the Quantitative Reasoning measure, you do very well on the first section, the second section of the Quantitative Reasoning measure will be at a higher level of difficulty. The scoring for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures takes into consideration the total number of questions answered correctly across the two sections, as well as the difficulty level of the sections.

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