Education System

Education System

Canada is one such country which is known to make great investments towards improving its education system every year. As such, Canada is rising to become one of the leading destinations in the world for offering high-quality education to the international students.

The schools and educational institutions in Canada come under broad categories like:

  • College or Institution

  • Vocational or trade

  • Language schools

  • Primary or Secondary

The education system in Canada is divided into the following sections:

  • Certificate level for 1 year

  • Diploma level for 1-2 years

  • Advanced Diploma for 2-3 years

  • Bachelor's Degree for 4 years full-time course

  • Post-graduate, certificates or diploma for 1-2 years

  • Master's degree for 1-2 years

  • Ph.D. or Doctorate for 4-7 years

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