Education System

Cost of Education

  • Being one of the most sought-after education destinations in the world, the USA offers world-class education to the international students. The overall cost of education in the USA tends to vary from one state of the country to another. It also depends on the particular university and type of course chosen by the students.

  • The USA universities are divided into broad categories as: Private institutions and Public/State educational institutions. The overall cost of education in a typical state or public institute is comparatively cheaper than that of the private institutes. In addition to this, the US government also offers several scholarship programs for the international students. This makes the cost of studying and living in the United States much more affordable.

  • The overall cost of accommodation would depend on the city of residence and also on personal preferences. For instance, it is reasonable to live off campus than staying in the university campus. The accommodation cost might usually range from around $3000-$8000 per year.

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