Employment Prospects

Employment Prospects

  • USA is one of the most sought-after countries for doing job after higher studies. Being an immense land of lucrative career opportunities, the international students are constantly seeking employment opportunities in the United States. The country offers a myriad of exciting job options as well as internship programs to the international students helping them grow in the respective fields.

  • There is a high demand for the graduates in the United States under different sectors including medical, engineering, IT, real estate, retail sector, and so more. In the USA, there are also several opportunities of working as a part-time to bear one’s additional expenses. The international students studying in the leading US universities are allowed to work for around 20 hours per week during the semester.

  • The students who have applied for the F-1 visa can sit for the special OPT (Optional Practical Training). This permits the international students to work in the respective field for around 12-24 months once they have completed their studies.

  • There are several top companies as well that might sponsor international students for the special temporary H1-B student visa which allows the students to live in the USA for work after completing their studies.

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